This statement declares how we process your data. This statement is addressed to clients, who used our services in the past, but also to future clients, our partners and their employees.

1. Purpose of the data use

 We are processing your data for the following purposes:

  • for the reason, administration and execution of our business relation with our clients
  • to strengthen our current business relation, but also to install future relations and to inform clients about legal changes and our range of services
  • in case of an order placement with the aim to execute our services
  • for the execution of our booking process including payment handling
  • for the client registration with authorities

In case we collect data directly from you, the supply of the data is voluntary. In case you do not provide us with data, we can not fulfil certainservices.

2. Legal background of the data processing

If you are a potential client, we are only doing direct marketing via email or post, with your agreement on the basis of the law Art. 6 Abs. 1 of the “Datenschutzgrundverordnung” (DSGVO).

If you are a client, we are processing your data, because it is necessary to fulfil our contract with you. In any way we are processing your data in your interest and on behalf of the reasons named in section 1.

3. Exchange of data

If it is necessary to transfer your data in order to execute services named in 1, we are sending your date to following recipients:

  • IT- Services such as for marketing and payment including credit card data. We ensure hereby the use of industry standards regarding encryption.
  • Administration and state authorities
  • Insurance companies in case of damage
  • Cooperation partners and legal consultancies
  • Declared recipients on behalf the client

4. Length of back up 

Usually we save your data till the end of our business relation. For marketing purposes we save your data as long you do not disagree with the storage of your data, which was initially collected by us with your acceptance.

5. Your rights

You are allowed to: check (i) if and which of your data is stored, (ii) to claim correction, addition or cancelation, if they are wrong or not correctly processed, (iii) to claim to stop the processing of your data or (iv) to dissent with your initial agreement with us that we are allowed to process your data, whereby the dissent does not affect the data processing done before your dissent, (v) to claim the possibility to transfer data, and (vi) if you are our client being able to know identity of third parties who work with your data and (vii) to file a complaint within data security authorities.

6. Our contact

If you have questions or want to make a formal complaint, do not hesitate to contact us:

we gmbh
Turmgasse 1
5700 Zell am See
[email protected]