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Why to work with we rent vacation rental service in Zell am See-Kaprun in Covid 19 times

The missing guests in winter 2021 brought a lot of headache and economical difficulties to local apartment owners. Mostly private owners and small business were hit hard. The owners who decided to rent their units with “we rent”, one of the most renown rental service in Zell am See-Kaprun, can profit a lot in the future seasons 21/22. In addition some losses of the winer 2021 have been covered by we rent. Therefore the pandemic is not only reasons for worries but the starting point for even more chances. You will find out how is possible in the following article.

Many local tourism companies, which need to pay back high mortgage, are relying on the public aids. We are in the lucky situation that we were able to hold our core team, because we were working in a very reasonable manner. Whereas many rental service Zell am See-Kaprun invested quite aggressively in expanding, we were concentrating on our core values. Transparency, solid working and kindness with guests and owners.

The chances in Zell am See-Kaprun

“Of course we were able to use the time, for working hard on our process. In addition we had a very good summer 2020, with many direct bookers and very and very relaxed European guests. For that reason, we invest a lot in our marketing strategies for more than one year now. Also we have as many reservation as we never had before at the time of the year for the upcoming seasons.” explains Lukas Nindl-Leitgöb, CEO of we rent.

“Further, we were able to strengthen our team with Alexander Heitzmann, who has huge experience from his work as hotel director in Zell am See. We use this know-how to invest it in yield management, to achieve best occupancy and prices for our owners. At the same time we react very flexible on the fast changing circumstances at the moment e.g. cancelation policy. We do that to take advantage of the very high holiday demand we will face in the next seasons.”

The work as rental service in Zell am See-Kaprun

The new team member Alex lines it out: “At the moment we have ressource to partner new owners, which we were not able to do in the last seasons. Depending on the package, our service includes the marketing part, but also Check IN / Check OUT, collecting city tax, the cleanings and much more. Even-tough we do all the rental work, our partners are often able to increase their income. At the end they profit in multiple ways.” Here you will find the overview of our services.

As a conclusion we need to add, that we as rental service in Zell am See-Kaprun, put a lot of attention to our core value transparency. One can see that in the communication with our owners during the times of lock down. For that reason we paid partial public aid to our owners, because many of the private owners where not able to receive funds. Also on our monthly credit vouchers we pay a lot attention on showing the end prices paid by our guests. Not many agents and especially the international working ones don´t do that. At the same time they are also looking for partner ships in Zell am See-Kaprun.

Here we have the links for “AMA Umsatzersatz”, “Fixkostenzuschuss” and “Härtefallfond Phase 1 / 2” for private owners in Austria. Link

Here you will find the link for “Umsatzersatz” and “Fixkostenzuschuss” for companies in tourism. Link

We are looking forward to speak with you. Good luck, we are living in paradise.

Your vacation rental service.

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