Covid 19

Entry – holiday in Austria from 19.5.2021

Opening off all accommodations before Whitsun weekend

The Austrian government announced to open all accommodations on the 19.5.2021. The following Covid 19 guidelines will apply for all holiday stays in an Austria. Still there are small differences, weather you book an apartment or a hotel from Whitsun weekend. Furthermore you will find all rules and useful links on entry for holiday in austria country.

  • With check in it will be necessary to have one of the following documents: a negative Covid test not older than 48 hours or proof of vaccination or proof of healed Covid disease. In any case we can help out with organising quick and cheap Covid tests on side.
  • Hotels offering side services (e.g. breakfast, dinner, wellness) would need to test their guests every two days. In our self-catered apartments and chalets there will be no needs for additional tests during the stay.
  • Of course the  distance recommendation of 2 meters and FFP2 mask obligation in closed common rooms will be still valid.
  • The team of we rent appointed a Covid-19 responsible already weeks ago. This person will make sure our prevention and hygiene concepts get well executed.

In addition we put already a lot of effort into the safety of our guests. Following measurements were taken in order to minimize the health risk during your holiday in Zell am See-Kaprun:

  • Availability of contactless check in.
  • Thermometer and masks on request.
  • Disinfection stations at all houses.
  • Plexiglas and room division in common areas.
  • Execution of hygiene measurements during final cleaning.
  • Execution of weekly tests and education of employees.

Find a selection of our Covid 19 prevented apartments and chalets in Zell am See-Kaprun.  

No quarantine planed for entries into Austria from 19th may for following countries

At this time the quarantine should be only valid for entries from high risk countries. ( also differentiation by regions and counties within a country) The ECDC infection map will serve as a guide. Yellow and orange zones will be allowed to enter without restrictions. When entering from (light) red areas, according to the plans of the Ministry of Health, a negative CoV test or proof of vaccination or recovery after a CoV infection will be sufficient in the future. This means that guests from Germany, parts of the Netherlands, parts of Poland, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Norway with a negative test, vaccination or cured illness and Iceland, Finland, Portugal, Finland are currently allowed to enter without any restrictions. Status (April 27, 2021) There is a link ECDC infection map here.

In any case we rent guarantees a free cancelation in case of travel warnings and lock downs. Here you find an overview of our Covid 19 guarantee.

If you are looking for a list of high risk countries you will be able to find them on the web page of the Austrian government.

Green pass for your summer holiday in Zell am See-Kaprun

From June the green pass will make the entry for holiday in Austria even more easy. For validating the green pass there are three ways to do so: Negative test result or proof of vaccination or proof of healed covid disease. Pleas be aware that there will be different deadlines, which are goingt to be even more precise during the next weeks. For example a healed Covid 19 disease will guarantee an immune status for up to 6 months. A vaccination needs up to 3 weeks to build up enough antibodies to guarantee immune status. (e.g. 22 days/AstraZeneca)

In general the green pass should enable traveling throughout the whole EU. 13 countries have stated their interest to make the system available by June: Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Malta, Portugal, Slovenia, Spain. Each country can decide on their own reliefs e.g. events, gastronomy. For sure it will be the ticket to enter different EU countries in summer 2021.

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